I Should Have Known Better

I know I mentioned before that we had the yard aerated and over seeded. Then we put down hay and made sure to water the yard at least a little bit every day for around 2 weeks at which time we were supposed to rake up the straw. Except that two weeks fell on a beach day and, uh… the straw didn’t get raked.

So on Sunday while Nate was doing homework I decided I was going to be useful and I was going to go rake up the straw.

Did you know that it’s MUCH easier to put straw down than it is to get the straw back up? Because it is. Much.

I filled five of those yard waste bags crammed as full as I could make them, and that was only the front yard. That did not even include the side or the back yards. Unfortunately we only had five of those bags so once they were full I was in no shape to go to the store to get more. I figured I’d finish the yard on Monday after work. What I didn’t realize was how ridiculously sore my leg would be, and how difficult and painful walking would be the next day.

Of course, I had a plan. Since it was just my right leg (which apparently is where I put all of my weight when I lean over to pick up the straw) was fine after walking around on it for a little bit (just have to stretch it out for a few minutes after sitting for a while) I figured I would just make sure to use my left leg Monday night and I’d be fine. Except do you know how hard it is to remember to use the other leg when you’re leaning over to pick up straw? It’s really hard. I think I remembered twice. Today my leg is really really sore. Again, when I stretch it out walking around on it, it feels better, but this time I’m not stupid enough to go out and finish raking. (Or am I?)

Because I didn’t finish last night.

Last night I filled five more bags (this time I bought 20) and then the motion light that comes on at dusk turned on and I decided that five was the magic number and it could wait til Wed. when Nate has off work. Then it’s his turn to rake! And mow.

And speaking of things that seem like a bad idea but I do them anyways, I’m going to replace the tank flap in the toilet in the half bath this evening while Nate is in class. I printed out directions online, I bought a new flap at Ace and I’m 99% sure that’s the reason the toilet runs for a few seconds randomly throughout the day. It looks pretty straight forward… How hard can it be, right??

3 thoughts on “I Should Have Known Better

  1. Hmm, the instructions from the guy that came out and seeded said to rake up the straw. I figured it was a “must do” sort of thing, but if I find out it wasn’t really necessary I’m gonna be kind of annoyed.

    The toilet flap wasn’t hard. I’m so proud of me! The inside of the toilet though? NASTY. Seriously, gross.


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