Spiders are Bad

I forgot to mention earlier.. I found a black widow spider on one of my azaleas earlier. I noticed that one of them had started to bloom so I looked down to see if there were any more.

There weren’t.

There was, however, a black spider on one of the leaves. A black spider that had a red hour glass on its stomach.

I tried to take a picture but my camera wouldn’t focus up that close so the best one I got involved some green smears and a spot of black with a red smudge on it.

It didn’t move and it didn’t look good, so I figured it was dead. I flicked the branch, it didn’t move. I went in to get some of that ortho home protection bug spray to spray around the house just in case. I sprayed the branch with the dead spider on it.

Except for the part where DEAD SPIDERS DON’T MOVE.

So I sprayed it off the branch, took off my flipflop and squished it. Then I sprayed the edges of the house because I was a little overzealous in my squishing and I couldn’t find the bug once I was done. I’m pretty sure I got it though because it was still recovering from the soaking with the bug spray when I hit it with the shoe.

Tomorrow we’re calling professionals to come spray around the house.

4 thoughts on “Spiders are Bad

  1. They’re encore azaleas. I figured their second bloom should be coming up soon, but since we had the drought I was starting to wonder if they ever would!


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