It Must Be Fall

It’s only been fall for one day and I’m already working towards what I’m sure will be my first sinus infection of the season.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat due to a post nasal drip. I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t congested, just a little sinus drainage, annoying but not a big deal.

By yesterday afternoon the congestion started coming in.

It’s been a little over 2 hours since my last dose of Sudafed, 6 hours since I took a Mucinex and now my ears are so clogged they’re starting to itch.

Otherwise, I feel fine.

Except for the part where I don’t remember the last time I had “just a cold” that didn’t turn into “just a sinus infection”.

Can you talk yourself into having a sinus infection because I seriously think I’m heading in that direction.

So I’m trying to drink a lot of fluids but so far all it’s done is increase the number of trips I make to the bathroom in a day, which was probably already on the high side.

Did I mention I love the webmd symptom checker? I selected nose and then difficulty breathing through nose (one side only), nasal congestion, pain or discomfort (pressure, mild), and the item at the top of the list is “foreign object in the nose”. Like I’m not going to notice if I have a foreign object lodged in my nose?! Seriously..

Also, bought some sudafed this afternoon. The real kind that you have to get from behind the pharmacy counter. The guy at the pharmacy actually had to flip back through several pages containing lists of names and addresses and signatures to make sure that I had not previously purchased sudafed there this month. Obviously they’re very high tech at the Harris Teeter.

One thought on “It Must Be Fall

  1. Here’s a tip straight from my pharmacist husband: That over the counter sudafed doesn’t work. The drug in it is not absorbed in the stomach, so it’s basically totally ineffective. If you’re going to take sudafed, get the real stuff from behind the counter!


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