Home Again

So we’re home again. Got home yesterday afternoon. It’s always sad when vacations are over!

Friday turned out to be such a nice day! It started off raining but cleared up into a great sunny day. We spent a ton of time outside watching Mareyna play in the sand, and chasing crabs. I couldn’t believe how many little crabs there were out there! They were everywhere.

The only real bummer of the trip was the lack of wild horses. On Friday afternoon we drove over to try and see them, but there were none to be seen! I’m not sure how far down the beach we drove, but it was for a while and we never so much as spotted a horse on the horizon. (We did, however, spot some horse poop so we know they had to be there somewhere).

This afternoon we’ll pick up the dogs. I miss my puppies but I know they’re having fun in day camp. Hopefully they’ll also come home a little better behaved. We signed them up for a little training while they were there so hopefully they’ll be able to heel (and in Layne’s case heel/no bark) and also not jump on people when we pick them up. They’ll just need to train us a little bit when we get there to make sure that we’re handling them correctly when we get home.