Fun in the Sun

My family is vacationing at the Outer Banks this week. While I did bring my laptop with me, I didn’t actually log in to it until I got home. We had to come home this morning so Nate can go to class and I can work for a couple days since I don’t have enough vacation time to be gone the whole week.

So on Saturday Jen and I went down to the ocean with my dad to hang out while he fished. We sat in lawn chairs switching between huddling under the towels when the sun was behind the clouds, to sitting out trying to get a little sun.

The key word up there being “a little” you know, since I didn’t actually put on any sunscreen or anything. Because we weren’t going to be out there that long. And really we weren’t…

So my face is sunburned, and so is the top of my chest above where my tank top neckline. I forgot that the minocin I just started taking would make me extra sensitive to the sun. Whoops. Good time I have a few days off in between to recover! And to dig out my sun hat.

One thought on “Fun in the Sun

  1. Kimmykins13

    I was raised on the Outer Banks! My parents still live there. To bad you didn’t get to say the whole week – The weather has been really nice down there this week according to my Mom. Not like it was a few weeks ago when it was so oppressively hot.


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