This is Like Deja Vu All Over Again

I was on my way to the car after work today and Nate called. He said “guess who ate part of the bar of soap out of the trash.” Oh I don’t know. WHO?! Who managed to pull enough trash out of the trashcan that was SITTING IN THE BATHTUB and got to the small piece of what was left of Nate’s soap to eat? Who would do such a thing?!



Fortunately it was just a very little bit since it was the end of a bar of soap that was too small to use any more. We decided he could just tough it out this time and we’ll put him on a bland diet for the next few meals. Honestly. This is the dog that won’t go near the bathtub when it’s bath time and he’s so short I know he had to have tried REALLY hard to get stuff out of the trashcan since it was sitting in the tub.

Why was the trashcan sitting in the tub? So that someone would quit pulling stuff out of it. Seriously, we can’t win.

Completely unrelated – I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see rain in my life. Seriously, thank GOD we got this rain. I can’t wait to see how much and hopefully it has helped.

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