Seems Like Old Times

No, I’m not talking about the movie, although if you haven’t seen it I do recommend it. So cute..

I’m talking about my trip downtown on a couple weeks ago. It’s been almost 2 years since I stopped working down there, but driving back that afternoon felt like nothing had changed!

I was a little worried about finding my way, would there be construction, would there be a detour, would the detour get me lost? Fortunately there was no detour and I made it fine. Then of course there was parking which is always fun. Did you know that the meters only take quarters? And they take two. I only had one. I didn’t read that it took two until after I put the first one in and by then it was too late.

So I kissed my quarter goodbye and headed towards the building where I used to work. Back through the revolving door that helped me get over my revolving door anxiety (seriously, those things still kind of freak me out), and down to talk to an old coworker who is now “the boss” and has asked me to do a little contract work to fill in. I’m pretty excited about it. I mean it’s hard to get excited about work, but I really loved working with those ladies!

Then of course was the drive home. I was pretty excited to find that I remembered which lanes to be in so I wouldn’t get stuck turning somewhere I didn’t want to turn… and then as I was cruising down the street feeling pretty darn pleased with myself, just like old times, I missed my turn.

I am awesome.

I like to go down to Tryon Rd from Lake Wheeler past the farmer’s market. Instead I had to go allllll the way down to Tryon off Dawson, or whatever road I was on. Whatever. I’m pretty sure that due to the traffic I would have missed I added a good 5 minutes or so to my drive.

Go me.

One thought on “Seems Like Old Times

  1. navigating downtown is a big accomplishment. all those years I lived and went to school there and I can still barely find krispy kreme.

    the traffic where we live in Virginia is nuts. imagine Tryon rd at rush hour, except on ALL the roads for most of the day. pardon my language but it really is hell.


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