Somehow I’m Not Surprised

It’s been 3.5 weeks since I left my last job. It’s been almost 6 weeks since I turned in my 6 week notice. Today I finally called to rollover my 401k and I was told that I couldn’t roll it over because my 401k company had not received my termination notice.

She gave me the number for HR and I started having flashbacks to the beginning of the year when it took me almost 3 months to get my insurance information straight with them because when they migrated the system it hosed a LOT of stuff and I called a LOT. It took me like two weeks before I was even able to login to the new system to realize my insurance was hosed, and hosed as in it said I didn’t have any and after that it took until March before the insurance company realized I was in fact insured through them.

I have to admit when I got what I thought was my “final paycheck” I was a little worried. I didn’t look like a final paycheck that was prorated for the 2 days I worked in that pay period plus my vacation time. It looked like a normal paycheck. I just thought maybe the vacation time balanced out with the regular pay amount. I hoped.

So tomorrow I will call the HR number back and hopefully speak to someone who can actually help me as opposed to someone who says “I’ll file a ticket with the xyz people who actually do all the work” because I am NOT in the mood for that. Not to mention when they say they’ll call you back in a few days to verify it’s fixed they mean you need to call back every week until it gets fixed or else you’ll never hear from them again.

I am so annoyed.

One thought on “Somehow I’m Not Surprised

  1. Why is it that every HR organization sucks big ones? I got a bill in the mail yesterday from my dental insurance people.. I went to a dentist about a month ago and we had planned on yanking out my wisdom teeth.. well the insurance company said that the social security number that my dentist entered does not match mine.. Despite the fact that twice this summer I called them to try to update my social security number (they got it wrong initially and I guess haven’t changed it yet despite two phone calls).

    Good luck with all that. I hope they give you everything they owe you and even more. 🙂


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