I Fought the Lawn

And the lawn won!

When I lived in GA all those years ago I remember the local oldies radio station (yes, I loved the oldies, and I still do) would release cassettes containing parodies of songs. One of them was I Fought the Lawn, and this morning as I was sitting out front pulling weeds and roots I thought of that song and how true it felt.

This morning my dad came by to return Nate’s truck. As we were standing outside talking about the yard (since we just had a lawn service aerate and seed, then we put down straw) dad mentioned the weeds that were separatning the lawn from the sidewalk. We’ve had them treated twice by the service but so far they’re hanging in there. And then he said those dreaded words “You know what I would do, if I were you?” (which is usually followed by a suggestion I’m completely not interested in because it almost definitely means manual labor, even though like 90% of the time it’s actually a good idea). So he suggested getting a shovel, pulling out those weeds and putting down seed. I knew he was right but damn I hate to admit it. Anyways, Nate left to get his hair cut and I figured I’d go ahead and knock out those weeds while he was gone.

45 minutes later he got back and I was about half way down one side. We removed a tree from the corner of the yard and apparently it left some root. Lots and lots of roots. So after about 5 minutes with the shovel I moved on to the pick axe and it was slow going. I don’t even know how long we worked at them pulling weeds and roots, but it took atleast 500 times longer than I thought it would. Go figure.

This whole “yard” thing is overrated anyways, right? I mean who needs grass.. right??

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