When Bagels Attack

Is it bad when the people at Dunkin Donuts recognize you and actually have learned your order? Does that mean you go too often? Or maybe even that you need to branch out in your order?


Anyways, I’m not sure what method they use to get the cream cheese onto the bagels, but this morning it was like they smeared it onto one side of one half of the bagel and slapped the two halves together. Not a big deal. So I was trying to scrape the cream cheese off one side of the bagel onto the other and somehow I lost control. It all happened so fast I’m not really sure what happened at all! I smacked my elbow on the back of my chair and next thing I knew half of my bagel was face-down on the floor (but not without landing face down on my shirt on its way).

I could tell Nate was pretty surprised and he and Ted both looked like they were trying hard not to laugh. I started cracking up because what else can you do!?

So I was a little sad about only having half a bagel, but fortunately I had a sprinkle donut to help me feel better.

I was also able to get most of the cream cheese off my shirt using a little water and about 50 paper towels! Maybe next time I need to wear a bib.

Coffee, bagels and donuts: breakfast of champions