Long Weekends Rule!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I wish I had something exciting to report but somehow I doubt you guys will find my new door knobs and new pillows to be quite as exciting as I did.

On Saturday I watched about 30 minutes of football before embarking on the shopping excursion of a lifetime with some friends. We went to Smithfield and I knew it would be a long trip because these ladies that I went with could seriously be professional shoppers. We left the house between 2 and 2:30 and did not get home until around 9:30. Subtract around 2 hours for driving and that’s still FIVE HOURS spent shopping. We totally redefined the phrase “shop til you drop” and I definitely wanted to drop when I got home! (To be honest I wanted to drop after about the third store but DANG those girls have stamina and ice cream helps).

I also managed to convince Nate to come shopping with me twice this weekend, once to buy new doorknobs (to go with our brushed nickel lighting scheme) and once to buy pillows. (Oh my god the pillows. The PILLOWS! They are so soft and comfortable and wonderful. I love them). We installed the new doorknobs but are still 4 knobs short as we thought we needed 4 dummy knobs that they didn’t carry in the store but have since decided the dummy knobs don’t exist so we’ll just buy 4 more hall/closet sets and only use the one side. Whatever!

We also watched Cinderella Man (loved it), Superman Returns (liked it), and I watched a few episodes of the Dead Like Me marathon on Sci-Fi on Monday. Awesome. Made me a little sad again though, that the show isn’t around any more.

Oh, and also? I learned about bat houses. Did you know there are bat houses, like bird houses but for bats? And if you put them on your tree hopefully nice bats will come live in them and eat your mosquitoes. Sounds like a win-win to me! I’m going to try to check out a bird store I know of this weekend and see if they carry bat houses.  I’ll let you guys know how it goes! Yay bats, boo mosquitoes!

4 thoughts on “Long Weekends Rule!

  1. rachel

    I have been begging my husband for a bat house, but he wont let me have one. The droppings make great fertilizer.

    Did you know the new show, Pushing Daisies, originally was a spin off of dead like me? Or maybe it’s the new show Reaper. Not anymore, though. Both of them still look darn good.


  2. kimmy

    I’m confused about the dummy doorknobs…and when you buy doorknobs, do they always come two in a pack? If that’s the case, and you only need 4 more knobs, wouldn’t you just need two sets? Thinking about this has me confused and tired. I need nap now.


  3. Kimmy – normal dummy knobs come one to a package, but the hall/closet door knobs that do have the two sides only have screw holes in one side, so we’d only be able to use the side we can screw into the door. It’s a pain.


  4. kimmy

    ah…I see. next time I’m in Lowes I’m gonna have to scope out the doorknob section. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a dummy doorknob. poor doorknobs…being called dummies. hmm…that sounded funnier in my mind.


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