Back to Home Improvement

It seems like we’re finally re-starting the home improvement ball rolling. For a while we hadn’t really been working on anything, mostly because we were too busy throwing our money at other things (like shoes and tvs), plus it’s been HOT out there and no one wants to do anything strenuous in that kind of heat. Not happening.

So anyways, last weekend I started it up again. I painted the trim in the master bath. Sure, it’s a small thing, but it’s something and let me tell you, it looks SO GOOD. It looks so good, in fact that I want to get started painting all the rest of the trim. That and when we do eventually sell the house I think it will help a lot if all the trim looks the same and not glowing beautiful white in the bathrooms and chipped dinged off-white-that-probably-used-to-be-white white everywhere else.

This weekend my dad wants to come over and help us with some wiring too. We’re having dad wire the dog/office/exercise room for a phone line and for cable so that we can plug in the fax machine and I can watch cable on the elliptical machine. It will be awesome.

Plus I’m going to need something to keep myself occupied on the weekends while Nate is doing homework, so painting the trim seems perfect! Assuming I can avoid painting the carpet, and the walls, and.. well.. everything but the trim. We’ll see! Also, a lot of the doors will be painted, but we’re waiting on the new doorknobs and we’ll have to take them off the hinge, and every time I start something that seems like such a simple easy small project it turns into a monster. I wonder why that is…

(It could have something to do with my inability to think ahead, but I’m guessing that’s not it.. hah..)