I was on a Roll

For a while there it seemed like I was seeing every movie I wanted. Now it seems like I have a list a mile long of movies I want to see!

Harry Potter, Bourne Ultimatum, Hairspray, Rush Hour 3 (I didn’t even realize that was out yet!), Becoming Jane, Superbad, and Balls of Fury

I’m on the fence about Stardust, Mr. Bean’s Holiday (I do love some Mr. Bean, though), Transformers and the Simpson’s movie. I think those will wait for video. At this rate the rest will too!

Also I just read about the Last Legion which seems kind of interesting. I love ancient Rome so it kind of seems like something I’d like. I’d never heard of it though.

And of course I completely missed Waitress and Die Hard 4 while they were out.

I would say I need to get out more, but since Nate has started class I don’t think there will be much time for going to movies, and that’s ok. I’ll just have to get my Blockbuster card ready! Or maybe look into Netflicks, or hope it won’t take 2 years for these to come out on HBO! Or if I’m feeling super lazy I could always get them on Demand I guess.

And completely unrelated, I love how the spam comments try to say nice things like “I love your site” or “Great site, awesome work” or something like that. Like I’m going to be so blinded by the flattery that I’ll go ahead and approve their comment and completely ignore the 200 links related to v1agr@ and stuff. Please. I’m not that shallow.

Almost, maybe, but not quite!

One thought on “I was on a Roll

  1. Yeah, those spam comments sometimes crack me up. Sometimes it almost looks as if it might be from an acquaintance from work, the way its kinda normal but also kinda creepy.

    I haven’t seen that many movies this year.. but Transformers was OK, Rush Hour 3 was pretty good (it had some good one liners in it). The others I haven’t seen yet either but hope to one day before I die.


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