I’ve Peaked

According to my webstats I peaked back in April with a whopping 33 unique visitors on one day.

Normally I don’t pay to much attention to my webstats, except that sometimes it’s fun to see where people are coming from, and the weird searches that have been used to come here and how most of those searchers are on the page for about 3 seconds before they realize that I have absolutely nothing to do with what they were searching for.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t actually going anywhere with that. Just making a general observation. If I weren’t so tired from having actually exercised again earlier (why, why do I keep torturing myself like this?!) I might actually do a little digging to see how I was so much more interesting in April but I just can’t muster the energy right now.

You know some people actually do this whole exercise thing on a regular basis? And on purpose! People like my dad who get up at 5am and go to the gym. That’s what I call dedication.

Of course as I saw myself typing 5am it occured to me that I get up at 5:40am which really, being earlier than 6 it’s pretty much all the same thing. Not good.

So, umm.. that’s pretty much it.

What’s that.. it’s 9:15?!

Bed time!

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