So we’re back!

We got there yesterday around 4 and checked in. We had English Tea in a room in the courtyard. I had hot raspberry and nate had sweet tea. I’m usually not a tea person, but the raspberry tea was really good. They also brought out a tray of cute little sandwiches and scones and stuff like that.


Then we went back to the room and I took a nap while Nate watched TV. Let me tell you, I think I’m in love with those beds. Soft, and fluffy, and those pillows. Awesome.

Our dinner reservation was for 8:30 so finally when it was time to go we got all dressed up (jackets requested) and walked over to the House to eat.

It was there at dinner that we decided that we probably would not be going back. Don’t get me wrong, dinner was wonderful. The service was great, the food was fantastic, but we both felt SO out of place! So completely out of our element. Although seriously, the chocolate souffle at the end? So wonderful!

So the stay was nice, really nice, and if someone was looking for something like that I would absolutely recomment them. Just maybe not for myself. We’re definitely not posh enough for that place!

I did buy a stuffed cow though. Because how could I not?!

One thought on “Fearrington

  1. yeah the chocolate souffle there is criminally good. the place itself has a lot of pretension though, which some people like but I have always felt is sort of lame. the food is good but I can’t even tell you in strong enough words that the chef is a total asshole.


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