And I Lived to Tell About it

Today was my first day of work.

Holy paperwork, Batman! Orientation took a little over half the day, then I started some training on the stuff that I’ll be working on. There is still much paperwork and training in my future, but so far so good!

Now I get to go spend the next 30 minutes or so back upstairs in my closet trying on clothes, trying to string enough pieces together to make a good looking outfit. Atleast I know I have good shoes to go with whatever I find!

3 thoughts on “And I Lived to Tell About it

  1. distraught Lenovo employees

    Did you know that your blog had a huge fan following at Lenovo? My guess is 4 of the guys on the 2nd floor read it every day, and 4 others read it every week or two. Your posts about ***** ****** (*edited to protect umm.. my piece of mind*) were great – he really is an ass-hat. And who was the lady that sits near you with the chewing smacking burping problem? We really want to know! Finallly, do you remember the paper towels near your office trashcan in building 662? Yeah, that was me, and I really was too lazy to pick them up.

    Anyway, we sure will miss you. I can only hope that your co-workers at the new job will enjoy your blog as much as we have!


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