My First Day

Tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

I went through all of my clothes that were potentially work-appropriate and tried them on to sort of take an inventory and see what I need. Today I bought one more pair of paints and two pairs of shoes. *SHOES* So I should be set atleast for a little while. I probably need to pick up a few more things or else everyone would be seeing the same five outfits every week!

I’m kind of nervous so hopefully it won’t affect my sleep tonight! I’ve been known to wake up like 500 times a night when I’m anxious, but I think tonight I’ll be too tired! Last night was the last night Nate’s brother was here so we were up hanging out til aorund midnight and we had to get up at 6:15 to take him to the airport. I’ve taken probably 5 naps today and fallen asleep atleast 2-3 times and I still haven’t quite recovered. I probably should have skipped that first nap, but it’s too late now!

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