Chicken Little

This is the face of a chicken. The dog that we always considered to be the one most likely to protect the house and the family seems to all talk.

Nate’s brother is staying at our house right now (his wife and baby are visiting some of her friends right now) and Nate is at his first day of class. So Matt and I have been playing with the dogs in the living room, throwing stuffed animals and squeaky balls around and everyone has been having a good time.

I was sitting on the floor near Layne and Matt went into the other room and came stomping back into the room. Nate does this all the time, but Layne doesn’t know Matt yet so this made her nervous. She barked! Then she inched closer to me. He walked into the room and she let out a low growl. Then she went and stood behind me! When Matt came over and she realized he was playing she was all over him jumping and licking.

Gouda, on the other hand, remembers Matt from the last time he came to visit like two years ago and it was instant love. Again.

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