the Downside

So a week from today I will be starting my new job. I’m pretty excited about it, except for one thing. The dress code is business casual.

Or more specifically, the dress code exists. At my current job, the dress code is casual, as in I wear jeans and flip-flops to work. Every day. Flip-flops!! I mean do you know how incredibly awesome it is to be able to wear flip-flops to work? It’s seriously awesome.

My sister asked me if this new dress code meant manditory makeup. I told her I didn’t think it was possible to make makeup manditory, but that I might try and wear some since I’ll be having to dress nicer. Trying to look all professional or something. I think she was satisfied with that. We’ll see how it goes.

So the good news is that I’ll get to go shopping to buy some new work clothes and SHOES. The bad news is that I’ll really really really miss my jeans and flip-flops.

3 thoughts on “the Downside

  1. I worked at a bank for a week (a story for another time) and they had the most stringent dress code I’d ever experienced. They specified what months of the year you were allowed to wear open-toed shoes, when you were to wear panty hose and what length your skirts and dresses could be. I mean, I know it has to be a professional environment, but geez!


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