shit. Shit. SHIT!

I just got paint on my favorite pair of jeans. FAVORITE.

I was putting the lid back on the paint can and hadn’t cleaned the edges enough so when I got the hammer halfway around the lid it splattered. Hit me, hit my shirt, hit my pants.

The shirt I’m relatively indifferent about, but I wear those stupid jeans ALL THE TIME. WHY did I have to be so stupid? UGH.

I seriously don’t think there’s a stream of curse words long enough to accurately express my frustration and irritation right now (and don’t think I haven’t tried).

It wasn’t too much paint on the pants, but I think it was more than enough to make them grungy weekend only pants.

Crap crappity crapcrapCRAPFUCK!

4 thoughts on “Crabby

  1. rachel

    worst thing ever.

    My dad used to say “I’m just sick about it” all the time when I was little. I can think of times in my life when I understood what that meant. Doing something like that is one of those times.


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