The Heat is Frying My Brain

The forecast for today and tomorrow has the high at OVER 100 DEGREES. That is so not ok. I can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to it being 90ish degrees over the weekend, because 90 is still freakin hot, but it beats the hell out of 100.

Somehow, during this recent heatwave, it has actually gotten colder in my house in the mornings. I know, it’s so weird, right? I haven’t quite figured it out yet (although I admit I’m not trying especially hard, or really at all). Somehow when we go to sleep it’s fine and comfortable but when we wake up it’s actually kind of freezing, which sucks because we only have sheets and a quilt on the bed right now. We actually had to put another blanket on the bed last night so that we didn’t wake up as popcicles this morning. Strange. The hotter it gets outside the colder I wake up in the morning. And no, I haven’t turned my AC down or anything. We have it on a timer and it hasn’t changed since Nate set it at the start of summer.

Anyways, all this heat has sort of killed my will to actually do anything interesting after work. Asside from replacing the coffee pot yesterday (new one has a timer! it turns itself on! how freaking cool!) I couldn’t even muster up enough interest to paint over the patched spots in the laundry room.


My husband, on the other hand, is definitely out of his flippin’ mind. He’s outside mowing the lawn. Sure it’s a .12 acre lawn (tiny!) but STILL! Outside. Mowing. According to the local news channel it’s 103 out right now.


One thought on “The Heat is Frying My Brain

  1. rachel

    I’ve never been so happy to spend a week in upstate new york in my life! Ive been watching the news and being like “holy heck!”

    I hope my tomatoes are ok.


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