Has anyone seen the Bourne Ultimatum yet? Better yet, has anyone read any of those books and are they any good? I think I remember seeing that they take place during the Cold War so I realize that they’re not going to be identical to the movies, but I wonder if they’re worth picking up at the library.

Nate and I picked up the first two movies over the weekend. I saw and liked both of them, but he didn’t really remember the first one and hadn’t seen the second one so we needed to get him caught up. Hopefully by getting him caught up this means we’ll actually make it out to the theatre to see the movie, because we were on a roll for a while but not so much any more. I haven’t even seen the new Harry Potter movie. It’s so not OK! In addition to missing out on Harry Potter I would also like to see (or have seen) Live Free or Die Hard, Waitress (which I don’t see Nate going to), or Hairspray (which I also don’t see Nate going to).

Also, he’ll be starting another semester or school soon so I really need to find something to occupy myself in the evenings while he’s in class.

2 thoughts on “Bourne

  1. I remember several years ago picking up the first Bourne in an airport somewhere.. I couldn’t really get into it. Maybe its because I’m always worried about dying in a giant fireball when I’m on a plane, I dunno.. I’m sure its better than what I remember.


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