Why Us?

Nate and I went to Target this afternoon to buy some baby stuff for when his brother’s family comes into town. (By the way, shopping for baby stuff? FUN! I love some Classic Pooh). While we were loading the truck in the parking lot we noticed a couple staring and walking towards us. The man made some joke about having to bring the truck to take home all of our stuff. We chuckled politely, Nate responded, and I figured they were just being friendly and kept loading the car.

If they were “just being friendly” they sure were overdoing it! They walked over and started trying to make conversation. Were we new to the area? Preparing for company? Where did we work? So I concentrated on peeling the goo from the label on a pair of sunglasses we bought and Nate dodged questions and answered as genericly as possible. Oh we work in RTP. The drive isn’t bad. Someone was trying to park in a spot they were practically standing in and I kept hoping they would honk and we’d be able to find a way out of this conversation without having to be rude. We thought it had Amway all over it.

Finally Nate saved us! He mentioned we had eggs in the car (which we did) and had to head out. So they gave us their names, we said something about nice meeting them too and got the heck out of there. That stuff always creeps me out. I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s still pretty darn sketchy. Nate said when he lived here, many years ago, he got suckered into talking to someone like that and made the mistake of giving the guy his real name and company. The guy called his work and tracked him down.


4 thoughts on “Why Us?

  1. I am so certain this is probably the same couple who has tried to talk to David and I twice now. Once at Target and again at Lowes. In fact, we just saw them AGAIN last night at Lowes. We’ve additionally seen them about 5 more times around Cary. I want to throw things at them.

    Is it a middle aged couple, the woman has brown hair and the guy’s hair is starting to turn grey?


  2. Yep! That sounds about right.. How annoying. I wish I could remember their names but I think I pretty much blocked that info immediately.


  3. I knew it! Who the hell are these people? They won’t make eye contact with me anymore since they have tried their little spiel on us twice and we keep seeing them every where. I want to know what they’re peddling.


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