Saturday Recap

On Saturday we went to Pittsboro. We looked at two neighborhoods, and I don’t even know how many houses. A lot. The first neighborhood was alright. It had some nice houses, some good yards, but there was just something about it. Or maybe there was just something not about it that it didn’t totally grab us. The second neighborhood though? It totally grabbed us. Totally. Loved every house we looked at, loved every yard we saw. It was a small neighborhood and it just seemed great. Only problem? It’s almost sold out and will almost definitely be sold out by the time we want to move next year. So now we’re sort of waffling. We’re leaning towards just waiting until next year because we’re just not ready to sell the house yet and we’ve only been in it for a year which wouldn’t help us any trying to sell it. But in the back of my mind I kind of hope the lots that haven’t been built on yet can wait for us because MAN it was perfect.

And also, did you know that people still ring and run? Seriously. I thought ringing and running went out in the late 90’s. Apparently not. So last night around 9:30 our motion light came on. We know this because it’s hooked to a box in our house that turns a light on inside when the motion light outside is triggered. We assumed it was kids hanging out in between the houses because we find cigarette butts out there every now and then, but this time our doorbell rang. Layne freaked out and started barking like a fool. I assumed it was out next door neighbor because she has stopped by for something that late before, but looking out the windows it was no one. Ha ha. Stuff like that just reinforces my desire to move. I’m sure there are brats everywhere, but maybe we’ll get lucky.

*UPDATED by request* The first neighborhood we looked at is called Chatham Forest, and the one we loved is called Potterstone Village. My aunt just moved to Powell Place and she really likes it, so we’ll be looking at that one too eventually. And let me just say again, the floor plans at Potterstone Village.. freaking.incredible.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Recap

  1. I love the houses and lots in Potterstone Village. The lots at Powell Place are so close together though. You could lean out your window and shake your neighbors hand. 🙂


  2. and by the way the kids I know who live there are NOT brats. can’t make promises about hte whole neighborhood but one of the sweetest children I’ve ever met lives in there.


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