A Year Already?

Ok so this month marked the one year anniversary in the new house. Which probably means I can’t call it the “new house” any more. It’s just “the house” or “home” or whatever. Lately we’ve been trying to decide what project we want to start next.  I mean should we paint the cabinets? Or maybe paint the trim (and whew does the trim need it!) or we could stain the deck (thanks, dogs, for wearing a path from the back door to the deck stairs), or we could put up insulation and drywall in the garage, or we could replace the doorknobs (man we have a lot of doorknobs). And don’t forget the part where we still need to grow grass in the front (and part of the back) yard. We’ve decided to pay someone to do that for us though. We’ll water, we’ll mow, they’ll make grass. Works for me!

So looking back we’ve done a lot to this house. We’ve painted most of the rooms, we’ve replaced most of the light fixtures and some of the ceiling fans. We’ve sodded part of the back and replanted beds out front. We’ve spent the last year working very hard to get this house just the way we want it.

This weekend we’re going to Pittsboro to look at new houses.


We’re not moving right now, but we know we’ll need to move again at some point, our house is just too full.

6 thoughts on “A Year Already?

  1. rachel

    YAY PBO!

    Remember, theres a building moratorium right now, so new home inventory is kind of low, but theyre going to lift that soon, and there will be a lot more new homes in the city limits (they were waiting for the new sewer plant to open.)


  2. rachel

    I miss PBO a lot. Especially when I go home and go to the Co-op. Its so nice! I wish I could go there every day for coffee. There are a lot of really cool things on the horizon, too, like a community theatre! I tell todd regularly that we ARE moving back there some day 🙂


  3. ha, did you know mentioning PBO in your blog would provoke such a reaction? its turning into a hip place to live, this weekend they had a treasure hunt which sounds really cool but I had to miss it because I’m in richmond with rachel.


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