Go Me!

So today I went to work wearing a black bra under my light colored lavendar shirt. Why? I don’t know, because it was on top. I didn’t notice til I got to work but yes, you could absolutely see it under my shirt.

Actually, to be completely honest, I didn’t even notice until I had been at work for over 2 hours and was already on my second trip to the bathroom.

This is also after I cut off half of my left index fingernail in the shower today while I was shaving.

I’m such a moron sometimes. It’s a wonder I’m allowed out in public.

So fortunately I have a sweater at work so I just put my sweater on all day and it was like normal except that I kept checking to make sure it was still tied around my waist so I could try to avoid lookin like a hussy at work.

Fortunately tomorrow is Friday, and a half day (sort of) so I only have to make sure I’m presentable and sane and functional for part of a day in the office.


4 thoughts on “Go Me!

  1. hahahahaahahahahahaha, have I mentioned the time I went to work with one brown shoe and one black shoe? and I am positive my 6th, 7th and 8th grade students were less gracious and polite than your coworkers.


  2. Yaaaaah, hussy!

    I have totally done that many times. Only, I’d go through the WHOLE day and then realize I was wearing a red bra under a white shirt. So classy.


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