That pretty much sums up how I’m feeling this morning.

5:30 I got up, showered, dryed my hair etc, by 6ish I was starting to feel a little bad, but wasn’t worried because I thought I’d get over it as I woke up. By 6:20 Nate and I were on our way out the door for our weekly breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and by the time I got there I felt So Ill.

I think it’s the migraines. My head hurts, I’m nauseous, it’s just not right and it’s definitely not good. So I’m going to work from home today in between naps and then hopefully things will be back to normal because UGH this really sucks and this isn’t the first morning this week (and last week) I’ve felt like this, but it had better freakin be the last!

6 thoughts on “Crap

  1. HA! Umm, no. I think I figured it out. The doctor put me on minocin which says to take with a lot of water, so I did. I looked it up this morning and it also said that you shouldn’t take it right before laying down (which I do) and also if it upsets your stomach to take it with food. So I think that’s the culprit. I just woke up from a nap and finished my bagel from this morning so I think I’m good to go.


  2. Also, just reading your note to Dave…you go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a bagel?!!! You’re so good. The draw of the donuts is too much for me to resist.


  3. rachel

    I’m sorry you dont’ feel good.

    But how cute is it that you guys have a weekly breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts?

    Do you have to take sick days when you work at home? If not, what a great perk!


  4. It is nice to have a weekly breakfast although I have to confess that Ted was the one who initiated it and it was a couple of months before I was invited to join them! I think Nate brings me along so that he has a buddy for when Ted oversleeps.


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