See Ya, Suckers!

I’m off to Georgia for a long weekend to celebrate Nate’s mom’s birthday. And to play with my adorable almost-one-year-old niece.  
We dropped the dogs off at Pupsi this morning and Nate will be leaving work around 3 to pick me up to head on down the road. To Georgia. Where I’ll get to sleep in for three days in a row. It’s so completely awesome I can hardly comprehend.

I know, it’s only a few days. CalmDown.

I think I may have slipped off the deepend or something.


Because I forgot to post this morning (and last night, etc) announcing that I’ll be out of town so that everyone who misses me over the weekend won’t have to worry that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth or something, because I haven’t.

Also, on the way to dropping my dogs off at their doggie day center I saw a truck with a bumper sticker that said “Happiness is a North Bound Yankee” and despite practically being a Yankee myself (there is some disagreement among people I’ve talked to as to whether or not being from Ohio qualifies) I had to laugh. Gotta love livin’ in The South.

3 thoughts on “See Ya, Suckers!

  1. Please refrain from posting to your blog using ******-owned computers and ****** IT resources. The next time we detect that this is happening, we will have to tell **** about it.

    ****** IT Manager

    ****** – substitute for my actual company name
    **** – my manager’s first name
    I wish I could post the actual names because it cracked me up to see them in my comments, but I’m keeping this as removed as I can from real life.


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