Last night Nate was playing nerf basketball with Gouda. He was dribbling the nerf basketball around the living room (no, it doesn’t dribble well) and Gouda was chasing him around jumping and running at the ball. It was freaking adorable!

So I got up, and got the camera out to try to take a video.

Suddenly Gouda was completely uninterested and uncooperative.


He was all: Ball? What ball? You want me to run? And jump? After a ball?! Surely you were thinking of the other dog.

We were definitely not thinking of the other dog, as the other dog hides in the the other room when the basketball is out because WOE is delicate fragile Layne! HOW DARE the soft nerf basketball bounce even NEAR her. It could poke an eye out or something. It’s very very dangerous and she will not be a part of it.



So anyways after like five minutes of attempting to get Gouda to play basketball again, we gave up. Apparently some things are just too cute to be captured on film.

One thought on “Typical

  1. kimmykins13

    I love how your cat is sitting on the counter (probably baffled) watching them, like – “What in the world are ya’ll doing”


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