Indiana Jones

Last night we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD. Man I love that movie. While watching it though I realized that I had no idea how Indy knew to close his eyes when they opened the ark. I had never really thought of it before but really.. how did he know?

So I wondered out loud.

Me: How did he know to close his eyes??
Nate: You’re not supposed to look at the ark.
Me: Umm.. What do you mean?
Nate: What?
Me: I mean how do you know? Does the Bible actually say that?
Nate: Yes. Didn’t you ever go to Sunday school??
Me: Uh, yeah!

But apparently I didn’t pay enough attention. Whoops! So I gues you really do learn something new every day!

Then when it was over (nice transition, I know) we put in Temple of Doom, which was set in 1935. Raiders of the Lost Ark was set in 1936. I never made that connection before. I always wondered what happened to Marion. I really liked her. I mean I guess she’s gone by the time they get around to Last Crusade, but still. Oh well. So really I guess I learned two things yesterday. It was quite a Sunday, huh?!

Also, I just realized that Short Round is also Data from Goonies. DUDE!

We didn’t finish the movie last night, I fell asleep. Nate commented that he didn’t remember it being so “gross” but I did. That’s why it’s definitely my least favorite of the Indiana Jones movies and mostly I’d just as soon pretend it didn’t exist.

So yeah, maybe this post really is all over the place, but I have a raging headache today so this is as good as it gets!

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones

  1. I have always loved indiana jones also. so much so that my first year teaching I thought I would show temple of doom at the end of the year to my 8th grade band, to keep them occupied while I heard final playing quizzes. I even made them a cool assignment about John Williams I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for showing a “cool” movie and sneaking in some learning about a living American composer. Needless to say I didn’t recall it was “so gross” either.


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