Note to Self: SUNSCREEN

So I hope everyone had a good fourth of July! We spent the day relaxing. It was off to a slightly bumpy start when the backup alarm on Nate’s phone went off at 6 this morning, but we got over it pretty quickly.

We spent the rest of the day loafing around and it was pretty awesome. Around 1pm we went over to the pool, which was slam packed. I figured I’d be out in the sun for a little bit and would put on sunscreen later so I could atleast get a little bit of a tan.

Great plan, huh? It obviously worked really well for me. I think I was out in the sun really for 45 minutes to an hour before I moved to the shade but it was more than enough.

And on a funny and completely unrelated note, I was on the phone with my grandfather earlier, while I was at my parents’ house. I was chattering on about something and all of a sudden my grandma said “Hi! How are you doing?” and I was thinking “wha…??” because he had totally just handed me off to Grandma while I was in the middle of a sentence! HA! Apparently he was done with me. 🙂

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