TGI (almost) F

When I woke up this morning I thought it felt like Friday. I knew it wasn’t, that would be entirely too cool, but it sure seemed like itshould be.
I think it doesn’t help that Nate’s pager went off around one am this morning and I think we listened to it for a good 2-3 minutes before figuring out WTF was making that awful sound. Seriously. We sat there, in bed, kind of looking at eachother completely unable to imagine what could be making that sound. I thought the alarm was set wrong or the house was on fire, but after a few minutes I said “Is that your pager?” and suddenly the world made sense again.

I have no idea what the page was all about but it must have not been an emergency.

Anyways, it has completely thrown off my whole pre-Friday-day.

Also, I just wanted to comment about a woman I work with who shares a problem with a person Dave works with. The whole chewing smacking thing although today this woman seems to have had a problem with gas because as I’m writing this (at 9:15am) I swear she has burped like 6 times in the last 3 minutes. It’s GROSS and it’s driving me NUTS! They’re not just little *burps* either, it’s more like *buuuurrrrrrp* but not LOUD just … gross.

2 thoughts on “TGI (almost) F

  1. That’s gross. I mean, everyone burps, but usually you try to keep that under control in the office setting. Or take it to the bathroom! I guess she hasn’t mastered the quiet burp.


  2. And let me just say, it is possible to get the quiet burp down pat. I was working in the library for 8 of the months I was pregnant and had severe indigestion most days. It can be done!


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