Sharks and Minnows

So finally this year we actually made it to the neighborhood pool. It’s actually a pretty decent sized pool. There’s a lane for people who want to swim laps, the baby pool is 100% separate and has its own little fence area to keep the babies in and there’s even a deep section with a diving board attached. The diving board is extra funny because it make the guys think they’re 10 again and after the first trip back to the pool I’m pretty sure the next day they were wondering when water stopped being soft and started causing whiplash.

Anyways! This also brought up pool games we used to play when we were younger and although Nate and Ted didn’t remember them, Jennifer and myself were quite sure we used to play a game called Sharks and Minnows but we couldn’t quite remember how it went. Something about someone being a shark and everyone else being minnows and were the minnows going to the wall, or away from the wall, or was it from one wall to the other? Did the shark have to close its eyes? Could there be more than one shark?

How the heck did we get so old we can’t even figure out how to play pool games?! Holy crap, people!

So of course I googled the rules. Duh. What else is google good for?? (everything!!) I think I played a variation of version 2.

So what games did you guys play at the pool? Do you still play pool games? Jennifer kept trying to get us to play Sharks and Minnows with her, but it’s kind of hard to play when no one knows the rules! (And trust me, we were WAY off)

3 thoughts on “Sharks and Minnows

  1. I remember playing Marco Polo a lot. The only game I play in the pool now is floating on my back to relax and trying not to bump into my fellow swimmers. 😉


  2. kimmykins13

    Marco Polo was a game we always played too – seems as though it is a universal pool game. We also played Go Fish – Where you throw a penny while a person has there eyes closed and then they have to go find it. No real strategy to it, but it was fun.


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