This afternoon as I was driving home from work I got into the right most left turn lane and noticed I was behind an unmarked police car. Unmarked in the kind of way where everyone and their brother can tell it’s an unmarked car.

Anyways, finally the turn light turns green and the left most left turn lane goes, but not ours. Left lane is going going going and we’re sitting still. Light turns yellow, and finally our lane moves. About 3 cars from my lane made it through then the light turned red.

Then the camry in front of the unmarked police turned left. On red. In front of a police car.

For a split second he didn’t move and I thought “you’ve got to be kidding me” and I guess he was just making sure no one was going to jump into the intersection because he turned his lights on, went through and pulled the camry over. It was pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Justice

  1. yeah, I like it when a lawmaker gets busted too, but I also empathize with camry guy. I can’t stand it when someone holds up the turn lane on a green arrow.


  2. I love it when that happens! Though it doesn’t happen quite often enough. Like rachel said, running red lights happens ALL the time around here.


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