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I’d like to start by saying holy crap have I seen a lot of movies in the theatre this year. Or atleast a lot more than I think I saw last year and the year before put together!

So finally yesterday we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3. FINALLY!

Overall, I really liked it. Sure it was kind of long and I think they probably could have cut it down some without losing any of the plot along the way, but I still enjoyed it. I don’t think there’s any way they could have made it as clever as the first one, but atleast the ending didn’t have me saying “What do you mean it’s over?! That’s IT??” like at the end of the second one.

I think Nate enjoyed it less, although we kind of differ of opinion on how much length hurts a movie. He kind of leans on the side of “if it’s too long it’s not good” while I lean on the side of “it was good but I wish it was shorter”. Whatever.

Either way, it made for some fun Pirate talk on the way home. “What ARRRRR you doing?” “Where ARRRRRR we going?” “Watch out, the road is sCURVY” etc… Good times.

Also we bought Reno 911! Miami on DVD because the show is funny and the movie looked funny. And it really was. I laughed, a lot. Sure it was ridiculous and in no way realistic, but it was also only like 73 minutes long or something like that.

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