This morning after an offsite meeting (at Starbucks) my wonderful husband drove by my office (which is right down the street from his) to drop off a carmel mocha and the new Paul McCartney cd. How awesome is that?? Is it any wonder I married the man?  

So far I’m really liking the Paul McCartney album.

Also – according to the HOA website there was supposed to be a board meeting tonight. So Nate and I gathered up my laptop and walked over to the clubhouse for the 6:30 meeting. The VP was there when we got there… and then no one else came.

You see, normally meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month. Today is the third Thursday BUT the website said the meeting was this evening, so the three of us showed up.

The guy was pretty nice and we’ll probably wind up volunteering for something or other next week at what we hope is the actual meeting. He looked over my proposed website and said he liked it, so that’s good news for me!

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