Weekend Recap

While channel surfing on Friday night I saw the CUTEST movie. It was called Nancy Drew – Detective and it was playing on TMC. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I used to read the hell out of some Nancy Drew books when I was growing up. I knew the series had been around for a long time. I had thought it started in the 50’s, but this movie came out in 1938 so obviously I was wrong! The dialog was adorable, the characters were adorable, I absolutely loved it (but I’m pretty sure Nate wanted to go stick his head in the oven or something)! I DVR’d the other 3 so I can watch them later when Nate is busy. I’m such a good wife. Also – the movie had “Ted Nickerson” instead of “Ned Nickerson”.. I wonder why that is! Wikipedia didn’t mention it.

The tile clinic on Saturday afternoon was actually really helpful I think. Asside from the fact that I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of products and supplies required, it was very informative, and we even got to place and grout some tile on a sample floorboard to get an idea. It looks like there are a lot of steps and a lot of materials required, but asside from the time thing, I don’t think it will be too difficult. Now we just have to decide what tile to buy! (And buy a new pedestal sink, a new mirror for above the sink, new lights to go with the new mirror, am I missing anything?)

We went to a Durham Bulls game on Saturday evening. It was pretty fun. The Bulls lost, lots of beer was consumed and my sister took about eleventy billion pictures. Of herself. Could she be any cuter?

On Sunday we ran several errands and almost (impulse) purchased a 37″ LCD TV for the master bedroom. Sears had it on sale but we wanted to buy it at Best Buy to be able to earn points on our rewards card so we called to price match but Best Buy was out of stock. Apparently it was not in the cards.

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  1. Ooh ooh I want to hear about the LCD! Don’t forget to look on Slick Deals, Bens Bargains, and maybe even Fat Wallet to see if you can find a better deal! ahhaha


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