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Nate and I decided to take the dogs for a walk this afternoon after work. I decided to take a video of how ridiculously excited they get when it’s time to walk. Excited in an “I’ve never actually been allowed out of the house in my life how did I get so lucky” kind of way. It’s pretty funny. This is the short version, after Nate got the leash on her. Sound is a must.

And just for funny, this afternoon we also played “Where’s Daddy?” where Nate hides and the dogs look for him. Layne checked the bathtub about 5 times before she decided he wasn’t there. I think he hid there once a few weeks ago and now it’s just about the only place she looks. Gouda found him in the closet a few minutes later.

Pets are awesome.

4 thoughts on “Dog Blog

  1. layne is a pretty crazy little dog, I remember how nuts she goes when there are visitors. where’s daddy sounds like a great game, your dogs have a nice life.


  2. That is way too funny! They are pretty well behaved though. Maggie will run around in circles when she sees a leash. She hasn’t realized that its harder to attach it when she’s in motion. hehe


  3. I think I saw your husband at dunkin donuts this morning. I didn’t say hello because I haven’t met him many times and I couldn’t be sure it was him, and I really couldn’t be sure he would know who the hell I was.


  4. kimmy

    haha that’s so funny how excited she gets! Sable’s more like Maggie…just ask her, “where’s your rope?” and she’s hoping all over the place. You can tell her to sit, and she will, but as soon as you get close enough to clip the leash to her collar she’s bouncing around again.


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