Stupid Lights

When Nate and I first moved into the house we changed out most of the lights because they were those generic white mushroom looking lights. We replaced most of them with a brushed nickel dome type light that we bought from Lowes, so that almost all of the lights in the house would match.

Did you notice the part where I keep saying “almost” and “most of” instead of “all of”? Yeah, I noticed too.

So far there has been one light we have not yet replaced. It is on a very high ceiling that our 6 foot ladder could not come close to reaching. We had planned on replacing this light when we rented the ladder to replace the Ugliest Fan Ever that resides in our living room. Recently, however, we aquired some very tall ladders from my parents. Ladders that will reach the spot where this light is (although it will not reach the spot where the Ugliest Fan Ever is).

Over the weekend on one of our 5,239 trips to Lowes we decided to just go ahead and grab that final light to put up. Only they didn’t have any. Not only did they not have any but the display was marked with a big clearance sticker at $2.97 for the light whick leads me to believe they will not be getting any more.

I know, I know. Not a big deal right? I’m bound to be able to find this light somewhere else, like the Internet. Except the Internet does not seem to have this light either. I’ve found it in one place on ebay, and Lowes online doesn’t have it anywhere. Seriously. I even checked Kentucky in case I could order it there and make Nate’s brother pick it up and mail it to us. (Because yes, that seemed like a reasonable idea and no, I’m not crazy, why do you ask?) But they don’t have it either.

Not cool.

So tonight’s plan was to go to a local light shop that carries that brand and if that failed I’d be calling Lowes and begging for them to let me buy their display light because it seriously might drive me nuts to know that we have that ONE STUPID LIGHT that does not match and NEVER WILL and I do NOT want to have to replace EVERY SINGLE LIGHT AGAIN, but don’t think that thought hasn’t crossed my mind either.

Yeah, so Plan A failed (on a technicality really, they closed at 5 and we pulled up at 5:15. Whoops). On to Plan B. I looked the item up online and then called Lowes. When I gave the guy the item number, told him they were out over the weekend and asked if I could just please buy the display he said “Well, we have 12 in stock, but you can buy the display if you want.” Umm. Wow?

Long story short, I immediately dragged Nate out to Lowes where we paid $3.18 for the final light.

The moral of the story? I really need to get a life or something.

6 thoughts on “Stupid Lights

  1. kimmykins13

    I’ve just finished reading your last two posts. Poor Layne – He/She(?) does indeed look very forlorn. I can definately sympathize with your situation, you see, my lovely Zoe has taken to vomitting on the couch. She has done this 3 times in the past two weeks. It usually happens at night and what a joy to wake up and find a nice large hairball mixed in with some biley remnants of science diet. Oh, by the way – the couch is in pastel colors – So, I get rid of the hairball and scrub the hell out of it. Thank god for Scotchgard!!! I don’t know how I am going to break her of this, so I have resorted to covering the couch with blanets.


  2. Kimmy – Layne is a she! 🙂 She’s quite the drama queen too. Hopefully Zoe will get over this whole hairball thing soon. Colby had a lot of hairballs for a while and the vet advised me to brush him more (among other things), which I did for about 3 days. Fortunately it seemed to go away on its own.


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