Re-Flavorization of the Carpet

Last week while Nate was out of town I cleaned the carpets with the steam cleaner. It was awesome. It really makes such a difference after it’s done the carpet looks incredible! The carpet water, on the other hand, is terrifying.

So anyways, today, less than a week later, the re-flavorization process has begun.


How sad does Layne look? Very sad? Sad in a way that says “Wow, I cannot believe I just threw up one cup of chow (unchewed) along with what looked like atleast two undigested also not-so-chewed rawhides!”

Yeah. She threw up on the carpet. Then she threw up in the kitchen. It was extra awesome! So much for my clean carpet!

If you look closely, you can see Colby in the back ground sniffing the spot where she threw up in the kitchen even though we cleaned the ever loving hell out of it, it looks like Colby can tell.

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