Pizza Night WILL BE MINE!

My parents make pizza every Friday. Home made pizza, every Friday, ever since I was little. Nate and I go sometimes and my sister goes always. Right now, my parents are out of the country on vacation and they won’t be back for another 2(ish) weeks so I have decided to have pizza night at my house! My sister is coming, my aunt (who recently moved to the area) is coming and Nate will be able to hae leftovers after he gets home (he’s been in TX all week which means the house is VERY clean because I have no life and nothing better to do when he’s not home).

I’ve had pizza night here a few times and they were relatively successful. My dad (mostly jokingly) criticized the dough, and the sauce, and lack of corn flower, but otherwise it was good. So I’ve decided that while my parents are out of town so as not to break the cycle, I’ll be having pizza night here!

Yay pizza!

I’m sure the dogs will be super psyched too because deep down they know that people are coming over, not for the pizza, but to shower them with attention.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Night WILL BE MINE!

  1. its fun to have family traditions. I have always enjoyed the way your family seems to really enjoy being together.

    why would she certain wife mention the certain exhusband to you? that seems like a weird thing to bring up.


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