We Can Build It…

Home Depot can help!

Have you guys ever attended one of those clinics that Home Depot offers? After seeing what an awesome job Gravy Dave did on his hardwood floors, I started to wonder if Nate and I could handle some tile flooring. I googled it (because google knows everything) and the directions looked pretty handy, but we decided that wasn’t enough. So I signed us up to do a tiling clinic at Home Depot next weekend. I’m kind of excited! I hope it doesn’t completely suck. I think after the class we’re going to start with the half bath.

Of course if we do the floors in that half bath, we might as well replace the sink while we’re at it. We wanted to get a pedestal sink for in there, but is the sink and the flooring in one project too much? Sinks aren’t they difficult.. are they?? Plumbing is easy, right?!

Yeah, we’ll see! Seriously though, I hope the class is useful. And then I hope we’re REALLY good at tiling because also on the list of floors to tile are the master bath and the kitchen although even if the half bath goes well I’m just not sure I trust myself to do the whole kitchen.

By the way.. is there actually any such thing as being “done” with home improvements, or do you just keep thinking of new things to do??

3 thoughts on “We Can Build It…

  1. Well…you’d have to do the sink at the same right, right? Especially if it covers a different amount of floor than the old one (like if the old one includes a cabinet, but you’re going to a pedestal?). Probably just best to get it all over with at one time! You’ll have to report back on the class because I have wondered about those. We’re interested in doing crown moulding.


  2. rachel

    I’ve tiled. You’ll have to take your old sink (and toilet) out anyway. Its not taht bad. It’s a lot of work/steps and can be a little tedious, but surely its nothing compared to the sod!!


  3. I went to one of those clinics for tile laying but it was at Lowes. I didn’t really learn anything more than what I had not already learned from Google or from browsing through all the how-to books at the store. However, sometimes it’s good to just see someone do it in person. I’d also consider buying a cheap tile saw instead of renting it — especially if you’re planning on doing other rooms — then you don’t have to rush to get all your cuts done and you can take your time with the project.


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