Baby Birds

We have birdies! This is the house swallow nest, there were 4 eggs total and it’s kind of hard to see in this picture how many eggs have hatched, but I didn’t want to get close enough to find out!

Does anyone know if all eggs hatch at the same time? I mean if the eggs are laid one egg per day then wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would hatch one bird per day? I should have checked more often, but oh well.

I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before they’re driving me nust peeping for food. It’s hard to get angry with hungry babies though.

In completely unrelated news, I pulled onto the street where I work today and there was a car driving down the wrong side of it. Now, the street that I work on is not a 2 lane road and they had just drifted over, it’s a four lane road and they were driving the wrong way down the right-right lane. Fortunately for them (and for us) me and the three cars in front of me were already in the left-right lane so there was no collision. Who knows how they wound up there, but I did see them getting all the way over from the far left lane they were in (their way) across the turn lane to their right-right lane. Geez people!

3 thoughts on “Baby Birds

  1. “Freshly-laid eggs are remarkably cold tolerant” so it is not necessary to keep them warm when first laid. Therefore, by waiting to incubate until the last egg is laid the female will guarantee that all the eggs will hatch at once. This is important because any eggs that hatch earlier than others would have competitive advantage in size over its siblings. Also, since the role of the mother bird will change when the eggs are hatched “from one of incubator, to that of food provider” it allows the mother to switch roles easily.
    (“Why Birds Do That”, by Michael Furtman, copyright 2004)


  2. Huh! That’s interesting. It makes sense though. I guess that explains why I didn’t see that mama bird much for the first few days. Cool!


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