So the painsies I planted last fall are FINALLY starting to die. Not that I necessarily wanted them to die, but I never thought they’d last this long. That being said I’m looking for some sort of small green plant annual because I’ve decided that the thought of replanting those flowers twice a year really no longer appeals to me. 

Really I know nothing about gardening.


I know how to plant pansies and that they’re cute, they’re great winter flowers, and they don’t last in the summer. That’s really all I know.

Case and point: A few months ago I bought new plants for the back deck and was so excited and got them all potted and put them in the sun and thought they were SO pretty and then I wondered why they were all dying. Really, all of them. Out of the 7 pots I planted, everything that flowered was dying. It sucked. I think it was like 2 weeks (after they started dying, not after they were planted) before it occured to me that maybe (just maybe) they weren’t getting enough water. You know, because of the drought.. the drought and the fact that I had NEVER watered them. I just assumed that being outside plants they would get enough water outside. Naturally. I had even moved them into a more shaded area once thinking the sun must just be too much for them… but water? Hah! Plants don’t need to be watered if they’re outside..

I started watering them regularly about a week ago, and it looks like most of my plants are actually making a comeback. One of them has flowered again and one of them has new buds. I am a gardening moron.

Need more proof of my gardening genius? Before I planted my lovely little azaleas I pulled up 3 hydrangea plants and a few other random little plant things that I could not identify because they were dead (or so I thought) when I moved in. About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed 2 little plants growing up kind of behind my azaleas. Who knows where they came from, I had no idea what they were. I had to take a picture on my camera phone and send it to my mom for analysis. Apparnetly I have Hostas! I actually have 3 hostas as there is another one growing up in the middle of the pansies. I’ve heard they’re pretty persistent.. if I divide one of them in half, can I make two of them? I mean I thought I dug them up and got rid of them and somehow they managed to survive, so will they survive a split??

So that being said, does anyone know anything about gardening? Like a small cute green plant that lives year round and won’t overwhelm my azaleas. (My encore azeleas. I also know that you can buy azaleas that bloom twice a year. Erin: 2; Nature: 9,537,423).

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