Movie Week?

Since TV is over for the season, movies are starting to move in as the new evening entertainment. Especially since HBO and Showtime On Demand are actually starting to have some good ones!

Over the weekend I saw Pirates of the Caribbean (1 and 2), Knocked Up (oh my god! a movie that’s currently playing in the theatre! it’s a MIRACLE!), Just My Luck, and most of (but I missed the beginning of) In Her Shoes.

Pirates Movies – I LOVE the first one. LOVE it. I enjoyed the second one, but not as much. I didn’t expect to love it as much and I don’t expect to love the third one as much, but trilogies are another post altogether. Another post in which I could seriously get my movie geek on.

Knocked Up – Everyone needs to go see this movie. It was SUCH a good movie! So good that if Nate insists we go see it in the theatre again, I don’t think I’ll mind. (Random Note: I don’t normally see movies more than once in the theatre. Gladiator holds my record at 3 or 4 times. I want to say 3 but it really could have been 4 times. I freakin love that movie.)

Just My Luck – In case you’re not sure what this movie is, it’s that Lindsay Lohan movie where she kisses some guy at a party and he “steals” her luck. It was very cute in a way that you’d expect that sort of chick movie to be.

In Her Shoes – I didn’t actually intend to ever watch this movie, but my sister put it on while she was over yesterday and I actually really liked it. Although I missed the first probably 30 minutes I think.

So anyways, at my house? TV – OUT; Movies – IN!

Anyone have any good recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Movie Week?

  1. I think you pretty much convinced me to go see Knocked Up now — I’ve heard nothing but good things from lots of people. Although I admit, I wasn’t quite sure because Katherine Heigl annoys the living crap out of me.


  2. It’s the same at our house too! I just posted movie reviews today, maybe it will help you find something to watch? I can’t wait to see Knocked Up!


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