You know it’s time to clean the carpet when the dogs won’t stop licking it. Seriously. It’s like every time I look over at one of them they’re licking the carpet. In the living room, in the bedroom, everywhere! If there’s that much flavor in the carpet it’s definitely time to steam clean.

The backyard sod is doing really well! The grass that we already had is not doing quite so well. I recently used that Scotts Turf Builder with weed control and I tell you what, it works like a champ! It killed a lot of the weeds in the back yard. that made it pretty obvious that most of the back yard was weeds.

The front yard grass weeds dirt in the front yard is doing fine. We’re so going to have to start from scratch in the fall. All that weeding I did in the spring left us with pretty much nothing in the front yard. Then I put that turf builder on what little green we did have left… and we’re rapidly running out of green in the front yard too. I guess it saves on the water bill since we only have to water the back.

Still no baby birds! I’ll keep checking.

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  1. rachel

    carpet sucks. I love my laminate/hard wood. at least that way when they’re licking they’re actually cleaning it.


  2. Yeah, I would love to have hardwoods, but I’m afraid the dog and cat claws would just tear them up. I try to clean the carpet atleast every 6 months, although it seems like it happens more frequently than that.


  3. Oh man, thats got to be one of the most disgusting sounds ever. Sometimes I will wake up and one of the dogs will be on the floor licking themselves. And it makes me want to scream and then throw up. That’s when I kick them out and shut the door. Uggghhh!


  4. It’s a pretty nasty sound, I would definitely say it’s up there to them just licking. Last weekend Gouda thought his front right paw was just the yummiest thing he’d ever tasted.. and so he licked it ALL DAY. It was awful.


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