I’m Plotting a Hostile Takeover

Last Friday I received an email from my neighborhood’s “Internet Committee” (which currently consists of one person) saying he only took the assignment because it needed someone and really he did not really know much about it. He said he was sure they weren’t utilizing the website to its fullest potential and asked me what my initial ideas were.

While I’m glad that my help is being accepted, I have to confess that in my head I had imagined (or atleast hoped for) a response that involved them giving me the FTP information to go in and fix things up. More of a “take over” than a “collaboration” since the person I’m talking to has admitted to having no idea what he’s doing. Which is fine and what I expected and I certainly don’t hold the current crappy site against him, I just want it fixed sooner rather than later. Apparently I do not play well with others.


So the good news is, I’m in! The bad news is I’m not sure how “in” I am yet. I sent the guy a screen shot of a simple, more contained and organized design along with my plan for reorganizing the existing pages so they were easier to find and you didn’t have to click through so many places.

Also, would you believe that I actually found a page (after following like 4 links) that contains an invitation to enter a contest to win a t-shirt with the entry cutoff date being in June of 1998! That same page contained a list of issues they wanted to address in the next May ’98 meeting. This site obviously needs someone who will love it and keep it up to date.

5 thoughts on “I’m Plotting a Hostile Takeover

  1. Hahahaha that is so absurd. Would it be possible to post the URL, or do you think they might get sketched out to see a lot of traffic coming from your site? Or do you think they even look at stuff like that? haha


  2. Oh, I was expecting MUCH worse. It’s not blindingly bad at least. Hopefully once this guy realizes what you can do, he’ll hand it over to you!


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