Missing Eggs

Nest Update!

So nest number one is doing fine with its 4 eggs. I’ve even actually spotted the mother bird a few times!

Nest number two, on the other hand is a mystery. Last time I checked the eggs were gone. Five eggs, completely gone. Can birds just pick up and move like that? I mean it had been 2-3 days since I had checked it before but I know birds don’t hatch and leave the nest in that amount of time.. but if they had somehow fallen out of the nest or been pushed out of the nest wouldn’t there be some sign of it somewhere? I saw no eggs, no egg shells, nothing!

Part of me is worried that I checked the nest too often or something, but I really only checked it a couple of times before I realized that there weren’t any new eggs and I would just wait until I heard baby chriping before checking again.. so maybe mom gave up?

Part of me is worried that the evil house swallow kicked her neighbor out of the neighborhood. But that leads me back to no egg shells, no nothing.

The only things I’ve really seen on google talk about predators that could have carried the eggs away, but since they’re in a hanging basket on my porch which is up like 4 steps I don’t see it being a snake, opossum, or anything else like that. One sight suggested a crow, which we do have, but this nest is really well hidden under flowers so how would the crows even know it was there!

So anyways, I’m all sorts of confused and just a little bit sad that now I only have one nest full of eggs living on my front porch.

One thought on “Missing Eggs

  1. Aw, that is kind of sad! My parents have a bird nest on their front door, and the baby birds hatched over the weekend. I took some pictures, but mama bird was none to happy about it! haha


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