Party On!

Me and Nate

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I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! Mine was relaxing and yet still relatively productive.

Friday night we went to our friends’ wedding. It was a nice simple ceremony with a reception that followed. The evening went something like this:

Arrive with Jen to help Jennifer take care of any last minute anythings before the ceremony.

Wait for Meg to arrive.

Yum, frenchfries!

Hotel gave Meg BAD directions, she’s finally here!

Arrive late to ceremony site. Run to seats.

Meg implied I needed to get some sun after she almost asked me if I was wearing tights. I was not.

Off to the reception!
1 shrimp
1 glass of wine
3 chips with dip
1/3 of a crappy mini pizza
1 lemon drop shot
1 more glass of wine
1 shot of tequila
1/3 unidentified pink fruity drink purchased by husband
1 taxi ride home

Fill in the gaps with all of the normal wedding things like cake, bouquet toss, garter toss, quiet sober people filtering out as loud not-as-sober people get louder and less sober.

Fortunately Saturday morning I was only slightly (moderately?) hungover, and since Nate was not at all hungover (bastard) he had big plans for home improvement projects, which forced me to get over myself and pitch in. Not because he made me, but because Irefused to sit around and wallow while he was outside actually doing productive stuff.

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