I’m a Joiner

Yeah, so maybe I’m really not, but today I just couldn’t resist. I sent my home owners associates an email and asked if I could be on their “Internet Committee” that is responsible for updating the neighborhood website. Maybe contrary to what is normal, it wasn’t just a driving desire to be a part of my community that led me to join. Mostly it was my knee jerk reaction after visiting the association webpage. I just want to fix it!

As far as images and stuff like that go it’s not bad and I don’t really want to change that, I just want to change the code. To fix the code. I want to remove the 500 tables and  tags and 2000 nested tags that I know Front Page put there. I want to fix the main page which has two sections and fix all the other pages to have the same font through the entire site. I need to fix that site.I also want to create a section to house archived newsletters.

When my mom was renting a house here she went online to get a newsletter she missed, and the archive was over a year old. She sent an email to let them know and when I went on the site I discovered that instead of updating the archive they removed it altogether.

My inner (and outer for that matter) geek CAN’T TAKE IT.

So I did it. I volunteered to be on the “Internet Committee.” I just hope that the person that is already on it doesn’t take this as a personal assault, because it’s not. I would imagine the current person knows nothing about creating a website that Front Page can’t do for them and that’s fine, I want to help.

So let’s all cross our fingers that they get back to me and they want me to help so that the crappy HTML geek guilt doesn’t kill me.

UPDATE: SO sorry for the blinking! Apparently wordpress does not correctly handle the escaping of characters in its WYSIWYG editor and since the blink tag I’m pretty sure is out of date, IE doesn’t display it any more, and I never checked the post to see that on Firefox and other browsers.. half the post was flashing! WHOOPS! Lesson learned. Sorry!!

6 thoughts on “I’m a Joiner

  1. What’re you talking about??? I love blink tags.

    I know what you mean. I think we’re fortunate that our webmaster for our HOA is a programmer, so it’s an attractive and functional website.


  2. Oh yeah, I’ve had that impulse many, many times. Of course, if I volunteered to fix every crappy site I came across, I’d have to quit my job, so I try not to make a habit of it 🙂


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